"In 2015, when I founded SkillsCloud, we started as a B2B workforce sharing platform for skilled labor transactions and worked with large corporate clients: there is a request and there is a solution.

We were building teams all over the world, finding customers for idle teams. The number of orders was growing, and we began to turn into an unwieldy mechanism. At some point I realized that it is necessary to create a system where customers and performers could find each other, and we would play the role of a platform for bringing them together.

This is how the idea of transforming the SkillsCloud platform into the ecosystem appeared, and we started to build a network hub for customers, performers and service providers."
Ruslan Gainanov, founder of SkillsCloud
Principles of work
Managing development, relations (network), geographical presence and time resources is a matter of societal choice.
Skillscloud ecosystem principles are inspired by natural ecosystems.
Therefore Skillscloud is:

SkillsCloud team is building an ecosystem that unites service providers to build a sustainable system of professional relationships on blockchain.
We realized that the main value which can be sold and bought on the platform is time - the working time of professionals, and our main task is to connect all participants with each other
SkillsCloud platform is built on blockchain, so we create value for its participants through communications and networks based on transparency, trust and security.
And our main goal is to attract to the ecosystem as many professionals and companies as possible. We would like them to be from all over the world, offer their services and address their requests.
SkillsCloud ecosystem allows to verify one's competence and previous facts of hiring transactions on blockchain by providing the proof of transactions, proof of the hours spent and worked as well as the quality of services rendered.
Specially for ecosystem users we created SkillDao Tokens as additional incentives and as convenient means for mutual payments within the ecosystem.
The SkillsCloud offers a fundamentally new approach to building client-employee and employer-employee relationships, where they independently interact within a network structure and communicate via Internet communications services. Smart contracts between platform users are demand-driven and result-oriented, which is the most characteristic phenomenon of Gig-economy.
Building relationships between ecosystem participants, among other things, makes it possible to create a kind of virtual team that can work on a project from different parts of the world.
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