Who is this platform for?
Skillscloud platform is an ecosystem of recruitment market players that connect customers and performers.

As a performer, you can simply sign up, list the services you provide, fill out your SkillsCloud profile and start searching for more relevant offers for you or responding to customer inquiries.

As a customer, you can simply sign up, post your request with detailed information about your project with performer's requirements, start using our search tool or responding to performer's inquiries.

As an agent you can simply sign up, post a request or service for your client, and start to search relevant offers.

How to register my Account?
Once your click Join the Ecosystem button the system will lead you through the registration process as follows:
  1. Choose your role on the platform
  2. Verify your email
  3. Fill in your surve
  4. Enter the system
How do I place my Request
  • How do I place my request?
When placing your request one must enter the project's name and press Create a Request button.

In case if you need to place more than one request, you will need to click the Add request button.

In case if you are an agent, you may fill out the form with your client's data by clicking Edit data button.

You can not place more than 100 requests per day.

  • If I have more than one request in one project?
In case if you need to add an additional request in the existing project, you need to go to Projects in progress - > Name of the project -> Edit project -> Add request.
How do I place my service?
It's absolutely easy!

In order to place and promote your service within Skillscloud, you'll need to fill in your profile information first. This way the system will recognise your perfect matching partner and give certain recommendations.

Whenever you have spare time to enter a new project, you click on Place time slot button in the Menu. Then, you set the time period you are available for collaboration in the Calendar and confirm it by clicking Place time slot button.

If you are looking for a full-time job, you may tick the ☑Fulltime box.
What is the difference from other online recruitment platforms?
Skillscloud is an ecosystem that unites all of the recruiting market players, such as Corporations, universities, colleges, training schools, small and medium size businesses, headhunters, recruiters, agents, recruiting platforms, experts, startups, etc.

Skillscloud rewards each and every user of its platform by skill points, which can be exchanged for skillDao tokens and used to pay the platform services or get a discount on performers' services.

Skillcloud is built on blockchain technology, which allows:

  • to build a reliable rating system for getting feedback and providing an opportunity for users to make a conscious choice of a partner.
  • to connect more relevant customers and performers that buy and sell services to each other, as well as agents and referrals that would like to monetize their network of contacts.
  • to use a distributed and partially decentralized system to build transparent and efficient processes.
  • to offer users an option to use Smart Contracts for creating trusted protocols
    What if I'm a recruiter or a headhunter?
    Recruiters, agents, representatives of recruitment platforms and websites are more than welcome to join the Skillscloud ecosystem. You may act as an Agent on the platform, represent your clients' interests and get an additional reward each time you get your clients matched with customers.

    You may place your clients' requests and services on Skillscloud.
    If you want to place a request, you may fill out the form with your client's data by clicking Edit data button.

    If you want to post your clients' services/time slots, you'll need to tick "I'M AN AGENT" box, fill out the form with your clients' data and click PLACE TIME SLOT button.
    How do I find the performer for my project?
    There are several ways to find performers for the project:

    1. Use our Search tool - Browse through our marketplace using the Search tool. Invite performers with relevant skills to cooperate by clicking "INVITE TO COOPERATE " button.
    2. Post a request – Describe your requirements in your request and get your perfect match recommendations from the system and receive responses from users interested to cooperate with you.
    3. Rehire – Hire performers you have previously worked with on SkillsCloud.
    Who sets up the price for my services?
    "Pricing is a mix of art and science," said Blair Enns, published author and CEO of Win Without Pitching.
    You set the prices for your projects or services by yourself.
    To set fair and accurate prices for your services, you may want to study your competitors' offers.
    Fees for placing your time slot/ services
    Signing up, posting services, including timeslots, searching for services or requests on the platform is free of charge.

    We only charge a 5% handling fee on the invoice value once the contract is fulfilled. For example, if a Customer pays for a performer $100, you will receive $95 on your account once the service is rendered and accepted by the customer.
    Fees for placing your request
    For a single request posting, you'll pay a fixed fee of $_______.
    Signing up, searching for services or requests on the platform is free of charge.
    Payment options
    • How can I pay for posting my request?
    SkillsCloud allows you to make payments by several ways:
    1. Invoice
    2. Debit/Credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, Carte Bleue, Union Pay.
    3. Mobile payments.
    4. Electronic bank transfers such as PayPal.
    • Why was my payment declined?
    1. Payments may be declined for several reasons:
    2. Make sure you have an available amount on your card/bank account.
    3. Make sure you entered the payment details correctly.
    4. Check to see that your credit/debit card is valid and not expired and your bank account is not blocked.
    5. If you still have issues with your payment, try using a different payment option or send the Request to SkillsCloud Support team
    How do I earn my rating on the platform?
    If you are a new user and your starting rating is ZERO, you may upgrade it by taking a "Skills scanning" test on the platform in order to confirm your expertise.This paid option of Skillscloud platform helps you to save time on earning your rating.

    The other way to upgrade your rating is to transfer your verified rating from other approved systems, such as LinkedIn.

    In case if none of the above suits you, you may start upgrading your rating by taking orders from the platform.
    How can I earn SkillDao points?
    Earn SkillDao for actions - spend SkillDao for services

    • Registration on the platform

    • Fill in the account (survey)

    • Invite a friend to join the ecosystem

    • Recommend performers to customers

    • Post a request

    • Post your service/ time slot

    • Leave the feedback

    • Rate the performer/customer

    How can I spend skillDao tokens?
    Earn SkillDao for actions - spend SkillDao for services

    • Pay for participation in platform events

    • Pay for education programs on Skillscloud

    • Get a discount on one's user's service

    • Pay your promotion campaign on platform

    • Take earned SkillDao tokens outside of the system

    • Pay the request placement option on the platform

    How I can promote my request with Skillscloud ecosystem?
    There are several promotion option offered by Skillscloud:
    • Top slider
    • Color marker
    • News feed
    • Top request banner
    You may pick one or several of the options in your Account → Pay the picked options with SkillDao tokens or Fiat → Enjoy the fame :-)
    How can I promote my service with Skillscloud ecosystem?
    There are several promotion option offered by Skillscloud:
    • Top slider
    • Color marker
    • News feed
    • Top request banner
    You may pick one or several of the options in your Account → Pay the picked options with SkillDao tokens or Fiat → Enjoy the fame :-)
    Do you give any guarantees?
    Skillscloud system gives you full verified information about your potential partners. Any user is free to negotiate and discuss the conditions of collaboration, payment and deadlines.

    Skillcloud systems offers you the most relevant partners that match your request. You are free to make your partnership decision based on the information the system gives out to you. These metrics include: feedback, public rating, experience, education, rates, availability, etc.

    Skillscloud system offers you to use smart-contracts in order to secure your deals. Smart-contract guarantees the payment for the services provided as well as secures customers from unscrupulous performers.

    In any other case, the system is not reliable for the quality of service provided nor for the partners' integrity regarding the payment obligations.
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